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I don’t need to do any marketing, I’m busy enough.

Unfortunately, we hear this too frequently from business owners, although it’s great to hear that they are busy, it is short sighted, just because you are busy now, doesn’t mean that you will be busy next month.

Marketing your business should be a constant part of your business, it is too late to start marketing when your business goes quiet as you then need to build focus and your visibility and that doesn’t happen easily overnight unless you want to spend a lot of money on marketing.

Having an effective marketing strategy and plan in place and sticking to it, means that those quiet spells will become fewer, allowing you to have a steady stream of new customers.

Creating a Marketing Strategy.

If you don’t create a marketing strategy then you could find that you are wasting your money on forms of marketing that are not working.

It is also very important to monitor all your new leads so that you can work out the return on your investment. If you do not track whether your new leads are coming from, you cannot see which marketing strategies are working for your business.

We will only advise you on types of marketing that will work for your business and work with your budget to get the best return on investment.

Increasing your leads, your profits and getting you found by your potential new customers.


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How do we create a Marketing Plan for your Business?

Every business is different; therefore, every marketing plan needs to be different and tailored to reach your potential customers and consider your budget.

We need to understand your business, what do your customers look like, where do they live, where are they looking to find your service or product.

Once we have an understanding of your ideal business customer, we also need to gain an understanding of your business, what marketing are you currently doing, what marketing have you previously done, do you know what has worked and what hasn’t worked, do you have any marketing materials already, such as leaflets. What does your brand say about you, is it consistent across all your marketing materials?

Branding is as important, as what you say.

After gaining the understanding of your customer, your business and your previous marketing. We will work with you to create a Marketing Strategy, that covers short term goals, up to 3 months, medium term goals 3-6 months and long term goals 6-12 months and what results we can achieve during that timescale.

Why chose us for your marketing rather than the standard marketing agencies?

Because we care, we am passionate about helping small to medium sized businesses to grow and develop, we want to see you succeed and your sales and profits increase, seeing a return on investment on your marketing spend.


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