Outsourced Marketing 

All the benefits of an in-house Marketing Expert without the cost for all your marketing services.

Visibility. Engagement. Growth.


 Below are the main marketing services that we offer. If you are looking for other marketing services then please get in touch as there are other marketing services that we can offer.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is all about getting your website found on Google. For the services that you offer, in the locations that you cover.

Google Ads Marketing

Google Ads also referred to as Pay per Click are the adverts that you see in Google Searches and picture adverts when visiting websites .

Content Marketing

Creation of good quality content works hand in hand with SEO. Whether that is regular blog articles or fresh new content.

Social Media Marketing

 The majority of your customers are on a Social Media Platform. This is a great way to connect with them, from regular posts to paid advertising.

Print Marketing

There are a lot of different options for print marketing. Often more traditional marketing, such as magazines, leaflets and direct mail.

Marketing Strategy

Everyone needs a plan, otherwise you are just spending money for the sake of it. A good Marketing Strategy keeps you focused.


Every business needs a steady supply of new customers, let’s have a coffee and talk about your business goals and how we are going to achieve them together.

Online marketing Northampton

Let’s face it, for most businesses this is where you want to be seen online, in Google.

We can work together to get you seen by your potential new customers, with our marketing knowledge & experience and your knowledge of your business and ideal customers, we can work out the best package of marketing services that work for your business and your business dreams.

Let’s have a coffee and a chat.


Marketing isn’t just about online marketing or limited to the list of services above. Marketing is about gaining new clients but also keeping your existing clients. As a business you need a steady flow of new clients, but some businesses forget about also focusing on their existing customer base. 


If you would like to discuss the marketing needs for your business give Tracy a call 07889 967779, or complete the form below.


We will work with you to understand your business and it’s goals and work in partnership with you to achieve them.

TJ Marketing

Visibility. Engagement. Growth.


Please contact Tracy by completing the form below or give her a call on 07889 967779. Have a chat about how we can help you with your marketing goals to get you seen by your potential customers.


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