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Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses in Northampton

Social media is a big part of our lives, whether the preferred platform is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you can reach a lot of your new customers. LinkedIn, if your customer is a business is also an important platform.

There are other Social Network sites that you may not even have considered. Did you now that after Facebook, which has the largest active users, the second most used social platform is YouTube, YouTube is also the second largest Search Engine after Google.

As with any form of marketing, the first thing that we need to understand is who is your ideal customer and what products or services do you offer. Are they a consumer or are they a business? As the platform or platforms that you focus your marketing on will defend on what your customer looks like.

Why should you outsource your social media marketing?

Do you consistently post across your preferred social media platforms, or are your posts very hit and miss?

Do you know what social media platforms you should be posting on?

By outsourcing your social media, we can work with you to decide on the best Social Media platforms for your business. By understanding your business and what your potential customer looks like, we will tailor your social media marketing to reach your potential new customers.

When we have agreed the where, we then then need to decide on what and how frequently you should be posting to the different social media platforms, as too often can be as bad as not enough. Getting the balance right is important.

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Should you be using paid advertising on Social Media?

Unfortunately, organically growing your social media presence is very difficult as your posts will not show to all your followers all the time. Just posting regularly isn’t always sufficient to get your message across to potential new customers. 

Social media advertising is also a great way to get your business seen by potential customers and can be one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising.

If you want to reach new customers, then paying to advertise can be a very effective way of reaching them and can achieve a good return on investment.

We can create a social media marketing campaign that target your potential customers and set the budget that you are comfortable spending. This will be monitored to ensure that you are achieving the best return on investment.

Meaning more leads and more profits.


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