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One of the factors that Google uses when it lists websites for a visitor’s search is the content of the website. The actual words that are written, so ensuring that the content on your website is relevant is important.

Your website content needs look and read well but also be SEO friendly. Your keywords need to be included but not too frequently, keyword stuffing is frowned upon. Another thing that you need to consider is volume of words, too many can be as bad as too few.

Content marketing for your website.

Google likes websites that show knowledge and experience in their content regarding the product or service that you offer. Google likes to give visitors a quality experience when they visit a website, which is why the words that you use are so important.

The structure of your website is also important, if you offer multiple services or products they you should have specific pages about them. One page that covers all your products and services will not rank as well.

The layout is also important, if your visitors do not stay on your website for very long, then Google will assume that the content was not relevant or not worthwhile for that search term. So, having a layout with headings that stand out appeals more to a website visitor, as they can skim read if necessary.

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How do we improve your website content?

Firstly, we need to understand your business, your products or services and the locations that you cover. We will then research your keywords to understand, the best terms for Google searches. We will then ensure that these keywords are used within the content of your website, on the correct pages. Sometimes the content may need completely re-writing sometimes just some tweaks will be required.

When the existing content has been reviewed and amended, we will work with you to add new content, in the form of additional service or product pages, location specific pages and blogs.


Writing a regular blog is an important part of any website for several reasons. It is new content to your website, which Google likes. It is sharing of information, which shows your expertise in your field, which Google likes. Also, a good blog will attract new visitors to your website and once they are on your website, they are more likely to browse further. 

Your blogs must be relevant to the products or services that you offer, but they shouldn’t be a way of trying to sell your products. You need to be sharing information, showing that you know what you are talking about. Building Trust.

Sharing your blog is also important, as again it will attract more visitors to your website. You should share your blogs across your social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and your Google Business Profile and email marketing. By sharing your blog and linking it back to your website, it will bring visitors to your website.


It is important to have a sign-up option for your newsletters on your website, as you can capture potential new customers information. Then you can share your regular newsletters with them. This will help to build trust in you and your brand.

SEO & Google Ads

If you are looking to improve your website organic ranking than please look at the SEO services that we offer. We can discuss how working on your SEO in conjunction with Google Ads can increase traffic to your website, increase leads and increase sales.


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