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Because I’m an all-round marketer. Most small businesses that offer marketing only offer certain services like Social Media Management or SEO (Search Engine Optmisation) or PPC or graphic design, if you want one person to manage all of your marketing needs then your going to need to contact the big Marketing Agencies and that comes with a big price tag.


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How do I create a Marketing Plan for your Business?

Every business is different; therefore, every marketing plan needs to be different and tailored to your reach your potential customers and consider your budget.

I need to understand your business, what do your customers look like, where do they live, where are they looking to find your service or product.

 Once I have an understanding of your business customer, I also need to gain an understanding of your business, what marketing are you currently doing, what marketing have you previously done, do you know what has worked and what hasn’t worked, do you have any marketing materials already, such as leaflets. What does your brand say about you, is it consistent across all your marketing materials?

So how can I offer marketing agency services at a margin of the cost?

In a nutshell, because I have less overheads, so you’re probably asking yourself, is this too good to be true and the simple answer is no. 

I have been supporting small businesses for over 6 years with their marketing needs, with a full toolbox of skills and knowledge, I am also passionate about helping SME’s to develop their businesses, because as a business owner myself, I know it’s not easy and marketing can be a complete mine field especially if you don’t know where to start.

What happens when we start working together on your marketing?

The first thing I want to understand is you and your business


  • what do you do?
  • what does your ideal client look like? And if you think everyone, then that is where we really need to start
  • where do your potential clients live?
  • what are your business goals? And before you say that’s a silly question, I need more customers, not all businesses do, some just need exposure of their brand and if you do need more customers how many and how frequently, a company that fits new bathrooms, will not need as many customers as a beautician, although the beautician will have a lot more repeat customers than the bathroom fitter.


Then, when I understand your business and your business goals, we discuss a marketing strategy, what areas are going to work best for your business. As no two businesses are the same, neither is a marketing strategy and if you have one person manage it, then there is consistency, the same key messages, the same tone, the same style of creatives. Not every company wants a large online presence or a social media following and that where my offline marketing skills and knowledge can also make a difference.

Which is why I am your outsourced marketing manager

All the benefits of having one inhouse marketing expert managing all your marketing needs, but without having to employ someone full time. 

Click below to see the services that I offer, and it works a bit like a pick and mix, together we discuss the best marketing options for your business and then work together to get your business seen by your potential new customers.


 Please contact me by completing the form below or give me a call on 07889 967779 and we can have a coffee and a chat about how I can help you with your marketing goals to get you seen by your potential customers.