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 Tracy Jackson - Social Media and what it means to small businesses  

In this day and age most people have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or some other form of social media page or business page. For most small businesses, if you don’t have your own website or sometimes even if you do, this is where you can get your profile seen and shared, which can increase your business. It’s like word of mouth but better because you can reach far more people. 
The biggest mistakes that some people make with this type of advertising is that they use it for both personal and business and the two should always be separate, although there is never any harm, in promoting your work on your personal site. 
But do you know which is the best Social Media platform for your business? 



Initial set up or improving current set up of your Social Media 
Regular Social Media updates. 
Suggested content for you to update. 
Tracking of Social Media effectiveness. 
Coaching on effective Social Media 
Social Media Management
Did you know that you can link your Twitter account to your Facebook page, so whenever you post to Facebook, you’re also posting on Twitter, for example? 
Did you know when you post on a Facebook page you can see how many people that post reached and the more people that like or share your posts the more people are reached? 
Do you know how frequently you should post to different Social Media platforms? 
Do you know how to schedule posts and the Social Media tools that are available to you? 
I can offer these services to any business throughout the UK.