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When you start a business, you do it because you are good at something, whether that be as a qualified trades person, offer a service or provide a product, but as a business owner that doesn’t mean that you are the best skilled or organised to manage the admin side of your business. 
There are many ways that I can support you to manage your business more efficiently. 
As businesses develop, the paperwork and admin processes expand but as they do they can actually become overwhelming and sometimes time wasting. If you feel that you are struggling to keep on top of the office processes, I can come in and review them for you and look at whether there are quicker and smarter ways to working, that save you time, therefore saving you money. 


Are your business procedures documented? 
If they are then this can help with training new members of your team, as they have something to refer to, it is also important if you have a key member of your team that is the only person that knows how to action certain tasks – what happens if they go off sick unexpectedly? 
Writing business procedures is not as easy as it sounds, because if it is a task that you complete all the time, if you try and write the procedure down step by step you often miss things key steps because it’s obvious, when in actual fact it isn’t always obvious – have you ever tried writing down how to make a cup of tea? The first step might be fill the kettle, which sounds obviously simple, but what are you filling the kettle up with, where is the kettle, what is a kettle, these are just a few steps that would have been missed in the process. 
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Who manages your Business when you go on holiday? 
Unless you have a large business, you may not have a manager that will ensure that everything runs smoothly while you are away and rather than having a relaxing holiday, you are always checking emails and taking phone calls. 
Wouldn’t it be nice if someone took that pressure away and managed your emails for you, managed your team and ensured that your Customers had a point of contact if they needed one? 
I can manage your business for you while you are away, handle any emails, return any phone calls, and ensure that your team also have a point of contact. 
If you need some support in your business whether that is on an ad hoc basis or more regularly, please contact me. 
Tracy Jackson - My Business is Helping Your Business