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 Tracy Jackson - Blogs and how they help build your brand  

Writing a regular blog can help build your brand and in turn build the trust in your brand, a blog should be providing information and not to sell your products or services. 
So what should you blog about? 
Writing a good blog can be hard, especially if you don't know where to start, each business is different and in some cases a news article can be more effective than a blog, if for example the industry that you are in continually has legislation changes or some form of updates. 
Sometimes just coming up with an idea is the hardest part, but then when you have your topic, writing it in the correct tone and phrases is equally important, don't blind your ready with too much jargon. 



Producing regular blog posts for you. 
Setting up Mailchimp account to email your blogs. 
Tracking of email opens. 
Posting your blogs on Social Media 
Coaching on effective Blogging. 
Blog services
Did you know people are more likely to buy from you after seven interactions? 
Giving accurate and relevant information to your reader is how they will begin to trust your brand. 
Do you know how frequently you should blog? 
Do you know you can blog too regularly? 
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