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Online Marketing 

Everyone knows that their business need to be highly visible online but often this is where it ends 
Websites are left unchanged for months or even years! 
Social media is rarely touched or, even worse, handled badly! 
Email marketing campaigns end up in spam filters! 
Do you just need a new website that works for you! 

Social Media 

Social Media and what it means to small businesses 
In this day and age most people have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or some other form of social media page or business page. For most small businesses, if you don’t have your own website or sometimes even if you do, this is where you can get your profile seen and shared, which can increase your business. It’s like word of mouth but better because you can reach far more people. 

Website Management 

All modern websites should include a content management system so the site can be kept fresh and up to date and working for you. The downside is that even with this ability to update the vast majority of businesses never update their sites and this is a major issue. 
Your online content can be used to help potential clients find you and it is also used by potential clients that you have met or that have heard about you to validate your business so it is important that your message is consistent. 


What is Blogging and how can it help me? 
Writing a regular blog has many benefits for businesses, but it shouldn’t be about selling you and your services, it should be more about information sharing. By giving information out, you will build the trust of the audience (only if the information is correct) and you are more likely to increase your business, rather than saying I’m wonderful, look at how fantastic I am. 

New Responsive Websites 

You probably have heard that Google is now using an algorithm for searches on a mobile or tablet device that ranks mobile friendly websites higher, so should you be looking for a mobile friendly website and what do you really understand what responsive websites mean? 

Document Scanning 

Most businesses accumulate a lot of paperwork over time and in some businesses this is unavoidable, but do you really need it all as hard copies or would having it saved to a USB, a disk or even the could actual give you more room in your office. 

Printing Services 

Sometimes your printer is just not up to the job, yes it is fine for everyday printing, but is it good enough for those important documents that you want to give out to Clients or at Events, or do you only need a few leaflets printing rather than 100’s and your local printer just won’t do that small a quantity. 

Document Design 

Your brand is really important, because that is what your clients and potential clients will recognise and that doesn’t just mean your logo. Your logo is the first part of your brand and all documentation and your website also need to have the same consistent brand across it, is your documentation letting you down? 

Business Support 

Does your business admin run as smoothly as it could do, a dis-organised office can cost you money and time? Have you considered outsourcing some of your tasks, to free up time that you could be earning money? There are many areas of support that I can offer to small businesses.