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I was away last week in Dublin, visiting family and taking a well-deserved break with my Husband, but like any small business, who checks my emails! 
In this day and age of technology, we all rely on the internet and have smart phones that allow us to communicate with our Clients and friends from anywhere, so important emails don’t get missed, we also have the functionality to save everything to the cloud, so no matter where we are all of our documents are accessible to us, which is fantastic and great for our businesses. 
But what happens when we don’t have Internet! 
We are lost our business can come to a standstill, while I was away, because I was abroad – not that Dublin feels like abroad, I had to rely on finding free Wi-Fi spots to be able to check my emails to ensure that I was still connected with Clients, my regular Clients knew I was away, but I still received emails from some ad hoc Clients. Although I didn’t find this a huge hardship, as the local pub had Wi-Fi so I could check my emails, well that is my excuse for going to the pub and I’m sticking to it. 
But one of my Clients had a massive issue with her internet while I was away, in fact she had no internet for a week and also her phone lines were affected! This had a massive effect on her business, and happened due to her supplier making a mistake, one of the big suppliers, and with no warning they just decided to cut her off. 
So what can we do to avoid being ignored by the big companies, after all we are just a number to them, they didn’t care about my Client, in fact they said that she couldn’t complain until the issue was resolved by them, so after calling every day, getting more frustrated, eventually a week later she had her phone lines working again and her internet back, but it has cost her Business money! 
So I gave my friend Debbie Tear from Dialect Telecom a call, they are a local telecoms company and asked her how they are different, and the key thing for me that she said is that they care! They have a relationship with all of their Clients and are very hands on to maintain the relationship, so this type of situation would never happen as they would always communicate with their Clients if there was an issue of any sort, because they understand that a Businesses internet and phone lines are a key function of any business. 
So again, this is a reason that we should all be supporting our local businesses, I know that it will never make a difference to the big businesses, but I always prefer to support small businesses. 
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So until next time, keep smiling and good luck in your Business or everything that you choose to do. 
Tracy Jackson 
My Business is Helping Your Business. 
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