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So what is SEO? 

SEO is the process of improving a website’s ranking within search results and the one search engine you need to impress is Google as it holds nearly 65% of the market share. 

Isn’t it expensive to have a company SEO my website? 

Not necessarily, don’t get me wrong there are a lot of companies out there that do charge a lot of money to SEO your website, but realistically you can do this yourself, if you have the functionality within your website editing system and it doesn’t have to be that hard 

So how do I SEO my website? 

There are a lot of things that you can do yourself, again all dependent on your website editing system that can help improve your SEO and these are not necessarily in order of importance. 
Domain Name 
Although it was important years ago to have your key words in your domain name this is no longer the case as, as with the costs of key domain names increasing, it was recognised that they related to more to budget than actual relevant content, so your domain name should be easy to remember rather than key word sensitive 
Metadata – what is that? 
Metadata is hidden information on a website and includes the webpage title and description and this information is what is shown when you search for a website 
Page titles 
In the above image the number 1 is the page title and the optimum length is about 55 characters to be able to be fully viewed and this should be the most relevant key word that relates to the page, also having a location will help if you want location specific clients, it is also much easier to rank by location that UK wide 
Page Descriptions 
This is number 3 in the image and in this section again use your keyword phrases but they should also be keywords that you have used within that page, again Google will only show a certain amount of characters so best to be within 160 characters for it all to be visible. You will see in the image that some words are highlighted and these were the words that I used in my search. 
When Google trawls your website, it cannot see images all it sees are blank spaces, which is why you should always add and alt tag or text behind all your images and these are also another great way of adding your key words into the page, but they should also be relevant to the content within that page. 
There are a number of types of Headings that you can use H1 through to H5 and what these do is tell the search engines that these are important pieces of information within the page, H1 is the most important heading and should only be used once, so on this page the Title of my Blog is a H1 heading, you can then use H2, H3 etc throughout the page, so the questions that I asked within this blog are H2 headings, but you must also use them sparingly as having duplicate headings within your site or long headings can cause the search engines to ignore them. 
Keyword content 
This again is really important, you should use your keywords within the content body of your website, but you have to be careful not to keyword stuff, which means you use them too frequently and the best way to ensure that you don’t is to make sure that what you are reading makes sense, if you feel they are too frequent the likelihood is so will Google. You also need to ensure that you add enough content, as Google likes websites that have information, so having a web page with very few words will not help with search terms even if you have your keywords within the content. 
So I hope you like it and please feel free to share your thoughts by adding a comment and if you need any help with your website, please contact me. 
So until next time, keep smiling and good luck in your Business or everything that you choose to do. 
Tracy Jackson 
My Business is Helping Your Business. 
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