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My Business is two years old today and I just wanted to share with you how the last two years have been and to also thank some people that have really helped me to get to where I am today. 
Deciding to work for yourself is one of the scariest things that you can do, I mean I was used to a regular salary, so budgeting for your bills is easy, but that all goes out the window, and I can tell you I have had some really scary months, when it was hit or miss as to whether there would be enough money in the bank and even though I am now doing really well, there are still times, that I pray that someone will pay an invoice as my bank account is pretty much empty. 
From 21st April 2015 Google introduced a new search algorithm for mobile devices and you may have seen numerous articles and may even have received emails from companies telling you that unless you have a responsive website, you will lose your Google rankings, so what does it actually mean and who should you believe.