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At long last my new responsive website is live!! 
If you have viewed my website previously you will see that it looks very different and if you haven’t had a look round yet, please do, but only when you have finished reading this obviously. 
My new website has taken a while in production and through no fault of the fantastic It’seeze team, but solely down to me. 
They say that a builders house always has work that needs doing and the production of my website was exactly the same, because everyone else’s work always seemed to take priority over this, but if you don’t find time to work on your business as well as in your business then it will never develop, so I got stuck in and finished it. 
Usually the process for building a website from initial meeting to go live is about 6 weeks and this allows for editing changes after the new website has been built, it can take longer but that is usually down to the Client which in this case was me and due to my delays this has been nearly six months, well 5 ½, but still way too long. 
When you decide that you want a website or a website redesigned, you first need to consider not just what you like but also what content you want, if you already have a website that can in some cases make this decision process easier, but not always. 
Although I had received great feedback about my previous website, I actually didn’t feel that it suited my business model anymore and that there were a number of services that I no longer offered. The main reason for this is that when I had my first website designed by It’seeze my business was just starting and I wasn’t really sure which direction it would follow, but after 2 years in business it has developed and changed quite a bit, with new services being offered, some services no longer being offered and others that were more prominent and basically that I preferred to offer. I also decided that it no longer looked right, in fact I was bored with how it looked. 
So I hope you like it and please feel free to share your thoughts by adding a comment and if you would like to have a chat about a new website then please contact me. 
So until next time, keep smiling and good luck in your Business or everything that you choose to do. 
Tracy Jackson 
My Business is Helping Your Business. 
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